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 Farmville 2 Working - Fertilizer - Feeder and Energy Hack

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Farmville 2 Working - Fertilizer - Feeder and Energy Hack Empty
PostSubject: Farmville 2 Working - Fertilizer - Feeder and Energy Hack   Farmville 2 Working - Fertilizer - Feeder and Energy Hack I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 2:19 pm

Whats up Guys :mhokay:

Here's how to do the Fertilizer - Feeder and Energy Hack..

Lets do the Fertilizer and Feeder Hack 1st

1st you need to make sure that you can add more Fertilizer and Feeder in the bar at the top later on by selecting a 25 Fertilizer and Feeder from your inventory so make sure your low on them.

Now for the Cheat.

1. Open CE 6.2
2. Select the right Plugin i use Firefox
3. In CE 6.2 select Value Type Double then Scan Type - Value Between
4. Now enter 25 in first box and 25 in second box and then first scan when you see the results click next scan a few times and then select all then hit the red arrow to drag all results to the bottom.
5. now select all results and change value of all of them to 9999.
6. Go back to the game and select 25 Fertilizer from your inventory and then 25 Feed Bag and walla.

Now to do the Energy hack its the same as above but apart from 25 its 15 then select 15 Energy from your inventory

P.s Dont Forget To Say Thank You
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Farmville 2 Working - Fertilizer - Feeder and Energy Hack
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